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5 Impressive Ways Blockchain Can Transform WordPress Development

WordPress is world’s most popular CMS platform powering millions of websites, blogs, portals with different web aspirations and natures. Blockchain, on the other hand, is the most promising technology that emerged as a new way of democratising data for the benefit of security, accessibility, and utilisation. While the users regard WordPress as the most adaptive and flexible platform ready to incorporate any new technology for the benefit of its users spread across niches, Blockchain development for WordPress can further make the platform better with enhanced security, data management, storage, payment technologies and ease of access.

Let us have a look at the five impressive ways Blockchain can transform WordPress development.

1. User identity authentication and management

As the flaws of the traditional user identity management with username and password is already too evident across websites, every CMS platform is now looking forward to coming with a comprehensive solution to protect user identity. As of now, breached or cracked passwords have been a common and recurring problem for the web administrators. Identity management powered by Blockchain can finally deliver a conclusive solution to this threat.

As the situation stands, many leading Blockchain developers are working on projects to encrypt personal user data and make them available with the proper verification. Some recent breaches and the way innovative solutions addressed them is a sure indication of the focus of the web community to come up with an unbreakable solution.

The blockchain is known to create tighter security by encryption and by third-party verification. Moreover, as a distributed ledger system Blockchain doesn’t allow any overwriting, deletion and tampering of data. This is why Blockchain based solutions can deliver ultimate authentication and security solution for WordPress websites. IBM recently partnered with Canadian banks with the objective of enhancing security and making identity management better.

2. More reliable and easy to use payment solutions

The biggest promise of Blockchain technology in respect of financial transactions is the elimination of the middlemen. This has two significant positive implications, respectively as fewer security vulnerabilities and less cost of completing any transaction. While this is already being implemented across financial institutions, in the time to come, we can expect Blockchain based WordPress payment solutions to appear making web transactions more secure than ever before.

3. Monetising web contents

Tracking user engagement and activity with web contents is one of the most focused areas for web administrators worldwide as this directly allows them to make their content strategy better and improve scopes of monetising the content. Another major challenge is to displaying advertisements without undermining the user experience. Ads on the web page help to compensate content creators easily. In this regard, knowing which content is delivering more traction and converting business and accordingly paying the contributors remained to be a big challenge.

A Blockchain based algorithm tracking every single content and their respective user engagement and business conversion can help to compensate the contributors more appropriately. Instead of giving remuneration to content creators from a pool of money collected through ads, such algorithms can drive more precision and accuracy in content strategy and monetising.

4. Boosting data security

The biggest selling point of Blockchain is the tamper-proof, overwriting-resistant and encryption-protected data security. Well, for WordPress contents and for storing files, such technology can bring a tremendous boost and unprecedented value addition. At present, all the WordPress storage files including the media library are stored on the server responsible for running the WordPress site. This often makes the data vulnerable to large-scale security threats.

As the decentralised cloud-storage is getting popular, with the introduction of Blockchain into such solution can ultimately prevent all security breaches. Using Blockchain powered cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin for such storage solutions can make the data security perfect. Offloading the media files to a decentralised storage solution powered by Blockchain is the next significant promise.

5. The democratisation of the web

If you look at the World Wide Web, you are bound to come up with a few big names which almost became synonymous with the modern web experience. From the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook to several significant data analytics companies, they together maintain the most significant share of data and dominate the functioning of the web in general. Blockchain offered us a tool to challenge this oligarchy for the first time and promised democratisation of data on a mass level.

The real promise of Blockchain solutions is to empower the millions of users and data consumers to take control of the accessibility, security and ease of data usage in day to day web interactions. It is needless to say; such a widespread transformation in the hands of Blockchain technology is unthinkable without taking the world’s most powerful content platform WordPress into consideration. In the democratisation of data through BlockchainWordPress can play the leading role as it is globally known as the most democratic and made-for-everybody CMS platform.


The unprecedented promise of Blockchain Technology in transforming web no longer can be emphasised in isolation from the digitisation of life. With the ultimate security mechanism for protecting data and a decentralised ledger system, it can bring us multiple solutions with a single solution. For a WordPress development company or for web developers who were looking for conclusive data management and security solutions with long-ranging implications, the promise of Blockchain seems luminous than ever before. With the above mentioned and many unprecedented ways Blockchain will continue to transform WordPress and overall web experience.

Author’s bio:

JunedGhanchi has more than Ten years of branding and digital marketing experience as well as the co-founder and CMO at IndianAppDevelopers, a leading mobile app development company that focused on providing solutions for Android and IOS platforms.